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So i finally decided to scan my slide rules. The following pages have little, ugly images, which are links to big, ugly images. Each page also has some random, completely uninformative text.

The quality of the scans is pretty poor, i'm sorry. also, note that while everything's scanned at 300dpi, large (10"/12") rules i scaled down 75%, while the pocket rules i only scaled down 50%, so the pocket rules tend to look a lot bigger than they should. If there's no link associated with a rule, that probably just means i haven't gotten round to scanning it in yet (in the case of the two 20" K&E rules, they were just too darn big to fit on the scanner, so i didn't even bother saying anything about them. They're big. You care. You care a lot.).

Anyway: Most of the pictures show the front and back of the rule, except where the back of the rule wasn't worth seeing or i was too lazy to scan both sides of the rule.

I get new slide rules about once a week. It tends to take me a while to get around to scanning them, but things are added here on a roughly biweekly basis.

Please don't use the pictures elsewhere without letting me know.

Gratuitous Imagery


Military slide rules

Some random rules

Stuff I Want

Ok, i'm the world's biggest cheapskate, so i really don't buy anything from EBay (well, ok, except for the Pickett N4); prices there are so ridiculously inflated there's no point. But here's stuff i might buy if it weren't at EBay:

Send me mail or something.

if you're looking for slide rules, i'd suggest starting at flea markets, garage sales, and antique stores near you; even antique stores frequently have extremely affordable slide rules (it's rarely necessary to spend more than $40 to get a good rule; they can usually be found for $20 or less). of course, if you live nowhere near anyplace that has them, you might want to resort to the net (for example, i'm originally from Minnesota; i've scoured a lot of antique stores there, and have totally failed to find any rules whatsoever). i'm too lazy to come up with a bunch of links to places to buy slide rules, but that's ok, 'cause the slide rule trading post already did that. plus it's really cool and not just because andrew added a link to this page even though it's, well, not terribly impressive.

Oh, and kendra and carrot wanted me to add a list of movies with slide rules in them. So, without further ado:

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